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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Prayers are frequent around our home. I grew up praying a lot, and wanted to continue the tradition in my own home. (Personal morning prayer, breakfast prayer, morning family prayer, lunch prayer, dinner prayer, evening family prayer, night time personal prayer.) The only problem is, because there are only 3 of us, the turns for prayer come much more often. My son complains "But Mommmmmmyyyyy, I said the bedtime prayer laaaaassst night!" to which I respond, "Well, you're probably going to say thousands more before you die, so get over it!"

The sweetest thing, though, is that he prays for so many people. I don't remember particularly praying for the prophet or the president of the country when I was young. But my son prays for them every night. It used to be that Pres. Monson AND Pres. Obama would both preach the gospel, but we explained to him the differences between the two and he now prays for one to preach the gospel, and one to protect the country.

He also says "Bless mommy, and daddy, and Nappy, and Grandpa, and Rupert that we'll all have a good night's sleep." (Rupert is the bird, by the way- and Grandpa moved out almost a year ago!) He also prays every night for people we know to have the desire to come to church and to believe in Heavenly Father. It is soooo sweet!

The funniest thing, though, is when he prays for the family to get along and have the Spirit in our home. This usually happens when he's been yelled at that night for dragging his feet while getting ready for bed. He's trying to pull the guilt-trip-via-prayer ploy, a tactic I know very well because I probably invented it!

And finally, I heard him saying his personal prayer the other night. He prayed the he would never be temped to do anything bad, like go see a bad movie. Later I asked him if doing something bad could also include disobeying your mom. He thought about that for a minute then looked at me askance. "Mommmm....... that has nothing to do with it!"

I guess we still have a lot of praying to do~!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

What a neat boy he is! You guys have raised him well. He's lucky to have great examples like both of you.