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Thursday, May 14, 2009

John and Kate.... I'm leaving my options open!

Ok. I admit it. Sometimes, I do watch "Jon and Kate plus 8". It's sort of like a train wreck- I can't believe how anyone could have sextuplets and keep their sanity. It makes me feel better about my own life- at least I don't have 8 kids screaming at me, rather than just my one. (I prefer this show over "Little People, Big World" because the dad in that one just bugs the heck out of me! And they live in this huge house on a gorgeous farm- they don't make me feel better about myself.)

Many people have put their two cents in here and there about how awful they think Kate is to Jon. Personally, I think she's doing rather well considering the fact she has 8 little kids, 6 of which are under 5!!!!!

Lately, there has been a lot in the tabloids about one of them cheating on the other, and vice versa. I don't pay any heed to claims like that, it's really none of my business, you know? (Yet, ironically, here I am writing a post about a show about people's personal lives- like that's any of my business???) But it begs the question: How, with 8 little children, do you EVER find the time to cheat, let alone have sex with your own spouse???? And who the heck would have the energy to do so????

Now I hear that Kate is leaving her options open right now whether they will split up or not. She said she's not saying they will, but she's not closing the door on that option, either.

O.K..... um.......

Has anyone ever heard the phrase often repeated in marriage vows: "... in good times and bad...."? I was just wondering where in the marriage ceremony you agree to leave your options open????

I am sick to death of the world's views on marriage. I am sick to death that people take marriage so casually! A friend of mine was married a few years ago. I was talking to him about it a few weeks before and asked him, "So, she's really the one you want to spend eternity with, huh?" to which he replied, "Well, I guess so. I figure I'll give it a shot, anyway."

Guess what??? They were divorced 2 years after they married. Big shocker!

People, speaking as a child from divorced parents- you are reasonable, (hopefully) thinking, rational human beings. Find a way to work it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all I got to say about that. Oh, and that I absolutely REFUSE to watch that stupid show any more! The parents say their number one priority is their children and that's a bunch of crap!!!! They are only thinking about themselves at this point! So, I guess it's back to "Little People, Big World" and I can just yell at the television whenever the husband is talking big and doing nothing... oh, wait, that's every stinking episode! Maybe I'll just read my book, instead.


Lauren said...

You should just watch Ace of Cakes instead. I think it is on at the same time as Jon and Kate, on the Food Network. No idiotic people, just awesome cakes (and just a little bit of drama thrown in from time to time).

The Parkin Family said...

I liked Jon and Kate in the beginning when it was just them trying to raise 8 kids and showed how they got through the day. Now it's them and nanny's and body gaurds and then getting free trips to Hawaii and stuff. You're right, it's more about the parents greed now. I feel really bad for the kids and how screwed up they're going to be.

Shantell said...

I was an avid Jon and Kate watcher, but I find it kind of ironic that they just renewed their vows in Hawaii with the kids and promised how they were going to stay together forever and show their kids what a real marriage is. Now they are just throwing that out the window? I agree with Lauren. Just watch Ace of Cakes. They are really awesome cakes.