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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Note to self... Horror movie

This is a note to myself.

Self? If you are ever tempted to go see a horror movie by yourself again when your husband and son are off on a hike, please feel free to flat out say NO!

Remember how you thought it would be fun to see a movie your husband would probably never see with you in a million years, and since you were alone and tired from shopping you decided to take off and just go?

Remember how you had bad dreams all night long about zombies and people without eyelids, and how you rolled over in your sleep and your husband was breathing weird because he has a cold, and how you thought for a moment that he was a zombie? Remember how you have always been afraid of the green hand under the bed, but how you love to hang your feet off the end of the bed and take your chances, and how last night you felt something grabbing your foot from under the bed and how you were paralized for a few minutes in complete horror until you realized your foot was just twisted up in the comforter???

Now, remember what a horrible night's sleep you had and say to yourself, "I will NEVER go see another horror movie by myself EVER AGAIN!!!!!"

That said- "The Haunting in Conneticut" really wasn't that bad. It was actually entertaining- if you're not a completely irrational and impressionable sucker like me with a runaway imagination and the good sense of a 2 year old!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I am a scary movie lover, but have to avoid them at all costs if I am alone. Yikes!!

You and Merrit and Eason should come up some time and we could all go for a picnic at Wasatch Mountain State park!

Jen said...

You are a bold woman...I won't even see any slightly scary or intense movie because the scary movie commercials do to me what this movie did to you! Thus my high dislike for watching tv in the month of October :)

Andrea said...

I can barely handle watching scary movies in the day-light with Wes. You are brave.