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Monday, May 4, 2009

These are a few of my least favorite things....(lately)

I have just a few things that have bugged me a bit lately, and what better place to get them off my chest than here?! So, here they are:

1) Why do the movie ratings people allow so much more violence now than they used to? I mean, a PG-13 movie can have a horrific amount of violence in it. I just saw "Wolverine" with my husband, and I had my eyes closed throughout 3/4 of the movie! Ugh!

2) What kind of parents take their 3 year old child to see a violent movie like "Wolverine"??????? First of all, he's running up and down the stairs, and second of all, it's incredibly violent, and his dad is pointing at the screen and telling his poor, innocent little boy to watch! I wanted to report him for child abuse! It made me absolutely sick!!!!

3) I HATE it when people say "Oh, I've got all my family history done back to Adam". Really? Adam who??? It can't possibly be "The" Adam... you know, the first Adam. I mean really, let's just stop to think about this for a minute... Adam? And how do you think Adam and Eve kept records?

4) I hate it when I don't have any chocolate in the house. Grrrrrr.......


Lauren said...

I think I'm going to search our family history until I do find anyone named Adam, and then I'll stop. I'm out of chocolate too! AAAUUUGHGHH!

Jess said...

This post is so funny!! After church on Sunday I said the exact same thing to Tim about the whole Adam thing. I thought maybe the ladies were joking but when I told Tim who had said it Tim informed me that "she doesn't know how to make a joke!" What in the world are they thinking?