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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blonde roots, or Multiple Personality?

Yes, I admit it, I have two blogs. This one, and one on Wordpress- . Ok, the real reason: you know how in high school when you’d get back from Christmas vacation you would forget your locker combination? No? This never happened to you? Well, I would forget my locker combination after the weekend! I started carrying ALL my books in my bag so I didn’t have to face the humiliation of standing and staring at my locker with a blank look while everyone passed by saying, “Hey Erin, do you have blonde roots?” ( I started coloring my hair blonde so people would stop asking me that question.)

Anyway, I figured if I have two blogs, the chance of me forgetting one are pretty high, but with two, I’d be pretty certain I’d at least always be able to find one! At any rate, I have two, and maybe I’ll just keep them and put different things on each….. who knows? Maybe I’ll create a whole alter- identity (I already change my haircolor about as often as that chick on “Alias”) and live in a fantasy world on one one blog, where I make up exciting things that happen to me ….. hmmmm……… tempting!