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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Going to Paris!!!!

I think it's time I start getting excited. Merritt and I are going to Paris, Wales, and England in June! (Thus the french music you are now listening to~) We are going with our choir, and we'll be there for 14 days!

First, we will be stopping in Wales to have a druid ceremony in cloaks and hoods at Stonehenge. (Ok, well maybe I'll bring my druid cloak, if I can find it!)

Then it's on to the birthplace of William Shakespeare, and then to Cantebury, where we get to stay in an awesome castle-looking thing! I am just soooo excited~ After the awesome castle-looking thing, we go to Paris! I am going to make Merritt buy me a rose and wear tight pants and dance around the streets with a tight butt and sing to me like Gene Kelly in "An American in Paris".

I hope we get a chance to go see the "Palace of Versailles"

I am totally obsessed with all things castle and palace! We will be singing in the Cathedral of Notre Dame! Merritt is pretty excited about that!

So, it should be a totally awesome trip! I'd better watch "French Kiss" a few times to brush up on my French!


Jen said...

How exciting! I love the buy me a rose and dance in the street idea - altough mine comes from Anastasia! :)

Shantell said...

I am so jealous! Take lots of pictures to show us all your adventures!

Whit said...

Yeah!!! That sounds like so much fun! I am so glad you are both participating in a choir! Good for you!