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Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday Night Cooking Club!

I have a wacky idea! Why don't we friends get together for a cooking club? Maybe one night a month, or twice a month? Maybe each couple takes a turn at hosting the dinner, getting the menu together, and we could even do it over at the church where there's room for everyone? We could either sample dishes the host has prepared, or we could all cook it together and learn new meals? We could each contribute like $5 per person for the dinner, or something? It would be a cheap date! The dinners wouldn't have to be super gourmet, but if you like cooking, I'm sure there would be plenty of stuff to come up with!

I'm interested in your feedback, so comment!


Jen said...

I think that sounds really fun! We could take turns planning the menu and shopping for the food and then get together to cook, eat and socialize. In fact, I think we could definitely get it approved as an enrichment group (unless we don't want to) and still involve the men and maybe we could even enlist some YW to run a nursery for the little ones. I would love to help you get it rolling of people are interested. :)

Loralee Choate said...

Hee! NOW I get your comment! ;)

You should make baked brie for this (It rocks the house.)

Heidi said...

Hey Erin,

Our ward does "satellite dinners" every couple of months.

They send around a sign up sheet at church and people either sign up to attend or to host a dinner.

No kids allowed (unless it's babes in arms). The host couple provides the main course and assigns the other couples to bring a side dish, salad, etc. Usually there are 3 additional couples, sometimes 4 - so anywhere from 8-10 people.

We meet at a set time, but then for DESSERT we all meet over at the ward or at the bishops house.

It started out small, but has grown and grown...

And I'm hosting this Saturday - so any killer main courses you can suggest would be awesome! ;) (A couple in our group owns Yoshi's restaurant, so we have to cook to impress! LOL)