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Monday, February 25, 2008

This life is a test..... it is only a test!

Yesterday was another testiment to the truth that this life is a test! A total test of my patience and sanity!!!

We now have church at 1 pm, and lately I've noticed Eason having a hard time during church. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he stays up later on Saturday nights, (I try to get him to bed early, honestly!) and is tired by the time church starts. This past week was a little wacked out, too. He was up late on Wednesday night because of a dinner we had to go to. He was up late again on Thursday, and again on Saturday night. Sunday was the breaking point.

I thought all was going well when we arrived at church. He seemed in good spirits, and we sat down on our usual row... (the second row. My mom always made us sit on the second row growing up because she was the organist and needed to keep an eye on us from up on the stand. She'd give us the evil mother eye whenever we were being too noisy. I guess I've always been afraid to sit on any other row the rest of my life, including college! I am sure my mother knows if I sit on any other row than the 2nd!) and we listened to the speakers. It was a cute family that just moved in. Their kids are around Eason's age, and I thought he'd want to hear them speak, but when I looked down at him, he was crying!

"What's wrong, sweetie?"
"I'm just having a hard day...(sniff)"
"Why? I thought you'd be happy to see your friends speaking."
"Mom.... sometimes kids just have a hard day for no reason!"
"What can I do?"
"......(sniff....) Mom, I know you think I don't want to go to primary, but that's not true. I really do, but I am soooo tired, I really need a nap."
(I've used that ploy myself. "Mom, I really have to go to school today, I want to go to school today, but I guess I shouldn't if I'm sick." but for him to actually ask for a nap is a miracle! He would rather take out a thousand garbages than take a nap, so I figured he was really tired!)

I tried to convince him to lie down on my lap and get a few Z's, but he just got more and more upset. Pretty soon, huge tears were streaming down his face, and his nose was officially gushing! It was the last hymn, so I picked up all our stuff.... both Merritt's and My scriptures, both our binders, Eason's sunday pack, EASON, our coats..... you get the picture, and walked up the long isle to the back door, with the whole congregation watching. (Mostly old people... and they always make a point to tell me that I shouldn't get upset with my little boy since these years fly by so quickly... and blah, blah, blah! Like they didn't get upset with their kids when they were little!)

I couldn't find Merritt who was on parking lot security. It was pouring rain! I was in really high heels, with both Merritt's and My scriptures, both our binders, Eason's sunday pack, EASON, our coats..... we walked all the way around the church to the other side. I finally found Merritt, and grabbed the car keys and left. Yes, I left Merritt at church.... but I had taken all his stuff! I got Eason home and in bed, then Merritt called me from church. I was supposed to do part of the lesson in Young Women's, and asked him if he could come home and trade me, but he had no way of getting home, and I couldn't leave Eason, we were both trapped. I asked Merritt to tell the person giving the lesson that I had to go home with Eason, and he said he would. But, he forgot! I was mortified when he got home (after hitching a ride) and told me he had completely forgotten to tell her!!! Sorry, Jutta, I am really not a flake!!!! I promise!!!!

So, I know this posting is really rather boring..... Anyway, we hurried and ate dinner after Eason woke up from a 3 hour nap, then packed him off and we went to choir until 10:00 pm! I only hope he doesn't have a total melt down in school. If he does, I'm telling them to deal with it, it's their job!!! I'm going to the gym to work off my frustration!!!!


Jen said...

I was in that congregation (and I'm not old) and I didn't even notice you get up to leave, possibly because I was too busy keeping my own kids quietly entertained during what should have been naptime, but still! Read my comments on Jessica's blog for my thoughts on the sunday saga - I don't think this year of 4:00 church can go by fast enough for any of us!

Jess said...

There must have been something in the air at church. You were smarter than me and took Eason home. I think I would have been miles ahead to do the same thing!

BugHunter said...

I'm being two-timed. What is this other choir? How come you can go to it and not mine?


Shantell said...

I am glad that I am not the only one whos kids cannot handle late church. London keeps falling asleep during sharing time. I have tried everything, but she stillhas a hard time making it. I say that we petition for the 11 o'clock time when the visiting ward leaves.