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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun for All!

Yesterday we went sledding with some people from church. I have never been much for sledding, myself. I love being out in the snow, I love watching other people soar down the long hill, and I love the hot chocolate when it gets cold. But, I have to say, I don't love getting wet and cold snow down the back of my pants, or the way my tail bone feels after a day of sledding. Therefore, I usually decline to go down the hill myself.

Merritt made me go down yesterday. Yes, he has a way of making me feel guilty enough that I will do something I would never normally do. For example, he made me go on the "Rocket" ride at Lagoon. It pulls you up, feet dangling into nothingness, about 4000 miles high, then you hover there peeing your pants as you can see all the way to Egypt.... then suddenly just drops you to your death! Yeah, that sounds like loads of fun, doesn't it? And I'm deathly afraid of heights!!!!

So, when Merritt prodded me to go down the hill..... the smallest one mind you, I wasn't terribly excited about it. But, I felt guilty.... and like an absolute fool in front of the people from my ward. (Some of which, are probably reading this.) So, I went. The feeling of being entirely out of control as you go careening down a mountain on a piece of rubber, backwards, is just not my cup of tea. But, I did it, and lost my favorite glove in the process. There, are you happy, Merritt?

However, Eason had a total blast!!! He has no fear! As his mother, I fear for his no fear! I am glad he has a dad who loves to do things like that, too. They make a great pair. After digging snow out of my underwear, I guess I had fun, too. Next time, though, I think I'll continue to have fun watching and cheering..... sans snow in the pants!