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Monday, February 4, 2008

If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Run Screeming From the Room!

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the greatest thing in my life. With that said, I must comment that some of the people in my church aren't always what you would consider "normal". Let me just recount some of the interesting people I have attended church with over my 34 years on this earth, who have certainly made life interesting....

In my ward growing up, there was a funny little man who was just a little "off". He got up one Sunday for testimony meeting and as he walked to the front of the chapel it became blaringly obvious he was wearing a wig. He bore his testimony, and at the end he said, "and I just want you all to know that sometimes things are not as they seem...." at which time he then quickly pulled off the wig in a dramatic fashion and walked off the stand. We were all stunned! Of course, being children, my brother and I had no hessitation whatsoever at bursting into laughter!

Our ward had a talent show one night. A young woman was going to play the accordian, and walked up onto the stand. The accompanist started, and she began her song. Shortly into it, though, something must have gone horribly wrong, although it wasn't aparent to any of us, because she suddenly started sinking down. She just kept sinking and sinking until she was completely out of sight behind the 3 foot wooden wall on the stand! I wondered how long she was going to lay down there before she had the courage to get up again! She eventually slunk off the stage. We never found out what went wrong.

We had backwards day in our Sunday School one day when I was little. Everyone was to come dressed backwards. When my brother and I arrived at the church, we were mortified at what we saw. My brother's Sunday School teacher was wearing not only her clothes backwards, but her bra and undies outside her clothes. She was, well..... very well endowed, to say the least, and there's nothing like having your teacher's 48 triple-E's staring you in your 10 year old face!!!! I think it messed my poor brother up for life!

and the last one:
In my current ward, there are several people who make me giggle, but one stands out in particular. She is the salt of the earth, don't get me wrong! I actually admire her ability to speak her mind and not care what anybody else things. But, it makes me laugh because in Sunday School she is in charge of getting the role around the room. She takes this job seriously! She announces at the beginning of class which way the roll is supposed to travel around the room, and then throughout the class she keeps a constant eye to make sure no one strays from the outlined way. If it somehow finds itself going across the row when it should go back, or vice-versa, she will stand up and in her loud voice direct those committing the crime to do it right! There is no thought to how this disrupts the lesson, or if it interrupts the teacher's very spiritual moment.... the roll must go on!!!!! It makes everyone laugh!


Shantell said...

So funny. I am always afraid to pass the roll because I never get it right and am always corrected. At least there is always someone to keep church interesting. :)

Erin Evans Taylor said...

Yesterday, Merritt got the roll, and the "roll gestapo" happened to be on the row right in front of us. Merritt tried to give it to me, but I refused to take it! We kept playing hot potato until I said, "Look, she's reading her scriptures! Just slip it across the row before she notices!" He did, and when she didn't notice, we both let out a huge sigh of relief! Pretty funny to be afraid to get the roll!!!!

Erin Evans Taylor said...

I just realized I spelled "Role" with two "L's". I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't figure out what it was! I had an off day, I guess! Sorry!