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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Calling all Prom stories.....

Prom! (big sigh........) A friend of mine posted a blog in which she asks the question "Why does one event when you are 17 stay with you for so long?" I think it is a very good question. Many people have nightmarish stories of their proms, some have very "Pretty in Pink" stories, and I challenge all of you to post your prom stories on your blog for all to laugh at, cry at, sigh at.... etc! I think the memories stay with you because life was on a much smaller scale back then, and your friends and events were your whole life. They molded who you are today!

Although I did go to many dances during high school, prom is, of course, the one I remember most. (I actually wrote another blog, but it was waaaay too long, and not interesting at all. So I am pretty much limiting it to prom.)

Senior Prom: This was a magical night of all nights! My best friend and I had switched our crushes from one guy to another all year, and had finally settled on these two cute guys. (I won't disclose their names for their own protection.) We devised a plan to convince each other's crushes that they HAD to take our friend to the dance. We worked on this for weeks and weeks.! I mean, if we didn't get asked to the dance.... well, we might as well just cease to exist! Ok, there was one guy we didn't want to ask us, everyone has one of those in their school. He was really nice, and really "special" but not enough to want to spend hours on end in an uncomfortably expensive formal on a crowded dance floor with nothing to talk about, trying to avoid having to hold his terribly sweaty and sticky hand for longer than it takes to snap the proverbial prom picture. We would try to avoid him at all costs around dance time. However, we also managed to feel snubbed if he didn't ask us. Go figure! Ok, well, back to the story.

All of our efforts to land the right prom date actually worked! "Rick" (name has been changed) kidnapped me to ask me to the dance, and pretended to be mafia.... I actually thought it was real, but that's another story! You know, no one can actually come out and say, "Hey, you wanna go to the dance with me?" I mean, come on! It just isn't done! You have to plan weeks and weeks ahead and be ultra creative and original, and spend more than it cost to go to the freaking dance to ask someone. (Incidentally, I answered him with a vat of green jello and a thousand tiny little pieces of paper wrapped in foil, and he had to sift through it all in the middle of the lunchroom!)

Anyway, "Rick" picked me up in a big van, with a few other couples, and we drove downtown to a hotel where the dance was. He was the Senior Class president, so we had to help take tickets, and see that things were running smoothly. I was sooo nervous! I had designed my dress, and my mom had made it for me, but the lace was incredibly itchy, and taffeta is NOT breathable, by any means! (I don't know what I was thinking about putting gathers in front.... it isn't really flattering!) He was pretty reserved, didn't hold my hand or anything. I began to wonder if he was going to until we sang the school song where we all have to hold hands, and then he never let go! (Ya, I know...... don't roll your eyes!) I found out later he was just really nervous, too!

That night we were all going to go spend the night at a cabin (we were in a group of 4 couples), but the teacher that owned it got sick, so we got a hotel room at Little America and all hung out there all night. He and I fell asleep on the bed..... (no, no funny business, remember we were in a room full of people, and I was on seminary council!) He took me home the next morning, and it was a magical night... although he was too chicken to kiss me! We continued to date for several months after that, and yes, he finally did kiss me eventually! I'd have to say my senior prom story is pretty good, it still makes me sigh! (Now, Merritt, don't get jealous! You know your proposal story will always be my favorite!) All in all, a pretty magical night. I will always remember my prom!

Now, if you want to do a post on your blog, please link back to Loraleesluneytunes since it was her idea!
below are some pictures from other dances.

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Senior Dinner Dance, or Prom

Fall Dance in college:

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Loralee Choate said...

I think my favorite one is the last one!! Make sure if anyone writes about prom and wants to particpate that you let me know! :)

Heidi said...

So, I think I went to every dance at my school, all three years, EXCEPT prom.

What was wrong with my boyfriend???

I went to HIS jr prom (we went to different schools) but he asked me the night before, so no fancy dress or anything.

No prom story for me! *shrug*

Whit said...

That is so fun! I'm nervous to post my prom. One because Gary is very funny about my past because he wasn't there. And two - because My dates wife looks at my blog! Would that be weird? Do you think I would be ok? I just don't want to offend anyone! But it was a night to remember!

Erin Evans Taylor said...

I think you should just do it.... it is your history, you can share it! I guess you can always obscure his face and leave his name out of it! Do it! Do it~

Jen said...

I must be a total dork. I went to Jr prom and to Sr prom, but the details are a bit fuzzy (sad since I only graduated 6 years ago). I'm impressed with your memory and I love the BIG hair pictures!

Shantell said...

Alright Erin, I took your challenge. Check out my blog for some great pics.