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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Principal is a Vampire!

conversation with Eason this morning:

"Mom, I'm having a hard time today."

"What's wrong, sweetheart?"

"My principal is a vampire."

(me, trying not to laugh......)

"What makes you think that?"

(Eason trying not to cry.... lip quivering)

"I had a dream he turned into a vampire and chased me at school."

"Well, sweetie, it was just a dream. You know Mr McClellan would never do anything like that. Besides, he looks just like Santa Clause." (only he's really thin!)

"No, Mom. I looked out the window this morning and the school looked just like it did in my dream, and the street lights were on just like in my dream, and the neighbor's house looks like it did in my dream!"

"Well, maybe you'd better not go to school today, then. If you really think your principal is a vampire! Maybe we should call the police! Go get me the phone right now before any other kids get to school, hurry!"

(short pause......)

"Mom, you know that couldn't happen! Mr McClellan looks just like Santa Clause!"

"Ok, then go get ready for school".

* reverse psychology has never failed with him yet!!!!!!


Jen said...

How hillarious! He is such a cutie and quite the imagination! So glad you have joined the blogging world! p.s. Thanks for joining our class on Sunday! I was grateful for your comments and participation!

Loralee Choate said...

What the freak? Do you have two blogs or something or am I totally going insane????????????

Nanna said...


I tried using reverse psychology on you, but you never fell for it! One day while you were acting up in the car I told you to settle down or you'd have to walk home.

When you didn't sit down and behave (way before kid car seats) I pulled off to the side of the road and said, "OK, it looks like you want to walk home. Get out of the car."

Thinking you'd settle down and be good, you promptly jumped out of the car and ran over to the sidewalk and began walking home. The problem is, you were only 4 years old, and we were on a busy highway about 5 miles from home!

I threatened you within an inch of your life if you didn't get back in the car and settle down! Actually, I guess it was YOU that were using reverse psychology on ME!! There's a lot to be said about being able to strap you little ones into their car seats!