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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Warping Young Minds!

Ok. Most of you know my twisted little mind. If you don't, you're about to! If you wish to remain ignorant of my true colors, please stop here. If you are no longer surprised, by all means, continue.

I must start this little story off with a jump back in time. I have a little sister, 3 years younger, who I loved to psychologically torture. She was feistier than me, so I had to get back the only way I could. For example, I tried to make her believe she was a boy, and she was gay. My case was pretty strong, she had short hair, had smelly feet like a boy (sorry Laur!) and was pretty impressionable. She would whine and complain that she wasn't, but over time, I was able to convince her..."Well, you're gay because you like boys. And you are a boy". Yes, I know it was mean, but she's prettier than I am now, and has a great husband and 3 gorgeous kids, so no lasting damage.

I loved to pretend to drop dead on her, all the time! I'd run home from school ahead of her and pour ketchup on myself and lay on the kitchen floor for her to find me. She'd freak out, I'd laugh, then feel bad. (Yes, I would feel bad.) We'd be watching t.v. and I'd suddenly gasp, grab my chest and fall to the floor. She'd freak out, I'd laugh, then feel bad.

You get the idea, right? Well, now I have another young mind to warp. Isn't that what kids are for? Now, don't go calling Family Services on me. I'm not nearly as bad as I was. I mean, it is my own sweet child, not my little sister. But, sometimes it's too good to resist! Like, I've convinced him I know everything there is to know in the whole world.... harmless, right?

Last night, we were flipping channels in a rare moment when we are all watching t.v. together. We happened upon a Justin Timberlake concert. We watched it for a minute, and Eason asked who Justin Timberlake was. Merritt immediately said, "That's me up there!" Yes, it was Merritt who said it first, so I'm not entirely to blaim. Eason started lauging and said it could be him. I said of course it is, look at his clothes. He was wearing something similar to what Merritt was wearing. We continued to try to convince him daddy really IS Justin Timberlake. He even go up and danced. It looked surprisingly like Justin! Eason was becoming convinced, so we told him to get up and dance for us and maybe daddy would put him in the show. So, after some coaxing, he did. It was soooooo cute! When he finished he asked, "So, do I get to be in the show?" I know he didn't really believe it was true, but I also know he wasn't certain it wasn't true!

I love my little buddy! I promise I will NEVER pour ketchup on myself and play dead! That would probably cost me years of counseling fees for him. But I will still try to carry on the facade that I really do know everything in the world.


Lauren said...

You forgot to mention that you even started calling me William.

Erin Evans Taylor said...

Sorry, Lauren! You know I love ya!

Heidi said...



*tsk tsk*


Loralee Choate said...

HEE!!! Poor Lauren. The Lauren stories ALWAYS slayed me.


Congratulations, you got me to subscribe to BOTH of your blogs now.


I suppose I DO owe you for making my wedding dress...


Loralee Choate said...




Btw...I tried to tell Jon how much I wished there was a "Water Fairy".

It didn't work.