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Friday, February 15, 2008

Table for 3, please....

Dinner at Le Erin last night .....

The Table:

The table was laden with a red satin brocade cloth, White bass-relief Noritake china delicately positioned at each place, tall crystal goblets lingered near the soft white candles illuminated with a gentle glow.

The Food:

Broiled parmesan basil salmon with a creamy garlic dipping sauce, lemon asparagus, couscous with olive oil and garlic , butterflied jumbo shrimp (all homemade, of course)

The Dessert:

A light chocolate mousse topped with creme fraiche and a hazlenut creme de Pirouline perched alongside

Best comment of the evening:

"Mommy....... I hope I get a wife just like daddy has someday!"

My Valentine's couldn't have been any better!!!!


Heidi said...

That's the best comment EVER!!!!!!

Loralee Choate said...

BEST comment, ever! (BEST WIFE EVER, TOO!)

I have always envied your homemaking skills. :S

Lauren said...

a creme de what-the-who now? I've never seen that on Food Network! Can you come cook for us next Valentine's

Erin Evans Taylor said...

that was just the printing on the container.... it's actually just those long straw-like cookies with chocolate cream in the middle.

Whit said...

I miss Eason's comments! He cracks me up! Wow! What a dinner! I can't believe you were sharing it with Eason! LOL! LOL!

Jen said...

You are far too ambitious! Sounds delish!